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Sea AreaA1 + A2
Vessel typeGeneral Cargo Ship
Country & date when keel was laidEmden, Germany, 1989
Bureau Veritas ClassI +HULL, +MACH, General Cargo Ship - equipped for carriage of containers, Unrestricted Navigation, +AUT-UMS, ICE CLASS IB, GRABLOADING
Last special survey (dry dock)28/06/2012
ISM Code, ISPS CodeBureau Veritas
LOA, (m)104.03
Length between perpendiculars, (m)99.35
Breadth moulded, (m)15.20
Depth moulded, (m)7.50
Draught (m)5.06 / 3.50
Air draft (m)8.00
Free board (m)2.563
Dimensions of hold (m)2 x 25.35 x 12.60 x 8.40 L x B x H
Dimension of hatch (m)25.35 x 12.60 each
Gross Register Tonnage (t)3555
Net Register Tonnage (t)1660
Light Ship1819
Cargo carrying capacity:
Stores -100%
Stores – 10%

Capacity of cargo hold No 1, bale2914 cub.m / 102907 cb.ft
Capacity of cargo hold No 2, bale2970 cub.m / 104882 cb.ft
Capacity of cargo hold No 1+2 grain5884 cub.m / 207000 cb.ft
Capacity of cargo hold No 1+2, woodchips7000 cbm
Max container in holds No 1+2106 x 20” or 46 x 40”+12 x 20”
On deck46 x 40” or 23 x 40”
Permissible load on hatchcover (t/m2)1.75
Permissible load on double bottom (t/m2)12.00
Service speed11.5 knots
In ballast (max)11.5 knots
Type and output of Main EngineMaK Diesel Engine 8M 453 C, 2500Kw, 600rpm
Fuel oil and luboil capacity:
- fuel oil (max bunker), MT
- luboil, MT

Recommended fuelMGO
Daily consumption:
-MGO (mts)
-Luboil (kg)

7 tpd